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YouTube Center for Firefox lets you use YouTube in more efficient way, with so many features that improve dramatically your user experience. Includes a feature to prevent bufferlock.

To pause the video: an old and foolproof method...

On YouTube you can see streamingvideos. Until recently, to avoid interruptions during viewing, the method used by many was the pause the video: all the buffer was loaded and in a short time was guaranteed the possibility of seeing the video uninterrupted.

But YouTube has recently modified the system streaming. The new Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), no longer allows this "trick" because that individual "blocks" load streaming one by one. Therefore, putting a video on pause, will be charged only the corresponding block and not all the video.

A major problem for those who like YouTube and using a slow connection. But you can solve using YouTube Center for Firefox.

YouTube, your custom

YouTube Center offers an wealth of features. The principal, as you can see, is the possibility of returning to the old system buffer and thus load all the video also paying to pause the player.

The plug-in, in addition, adds under the player features, among which are: the possibility of modifying the aspect ratio of the video (4:3, 16:9, 24:10), the use of repetition key, resizing of the player, and a button to hide the content around the video, functions to focus your attention only on film.

YouTube Center also includes functions to change the look and colors of the player, enable / disable the annotations (interactive pop-up windows that occasionally appear on the videos) and delete banners, brands of waters and ads. In addition, provides features to auto - expand the description of the video and the possibility of seeing from the image of the view Preview (thumbnail) the maximum resolution of the same and the I like/dislike obtained by the film.

Learning functionality

Next to the login button, you will find an icon in the form of gear that allows access to YouTube Center control panel. There you will find plenty of options to modify your YouTube experience.

The features are divided by categories. For the more technical, a redirect to the website of manufacturer which explains briefly, and in English, the required feature is available.

An essential plugin for those who like YouTube

YouTube Center is a really amazing plugin. Dramatically improves the experience of using the video portal and allows you to modify every aspect of YouTube based on your needs.

Among the numerous functions which has the extension, the most interesting is what allows to restore the old system of loading buffer. In short, an essential plugin for those who spend hours on YouTube.

  • Many other functions
  • In Spanish and easy to use
  • It improves the experience of use of YouTube
  • It revives the old buffer charging system
  • No noticeable against

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YouTube Center reviews

Sergio (Uruguay)

Indispensable for the Firefox-Youtube combination!: This version if it works (2.0.1) in the new Firefox 24, because the previous 1.34.0 stopped working and the 2.0 was updated 2.0.1 (site administrators change the download link or stakeholders look for it on the website of the developer, it is an excellent added to Mozilla and youtube, allows you to download videos and many other things.)



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