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YouTube Downloader HQ Pro download and convert YouTube videos to FLV, 3GP and MP4 formats. The two last are most suitable for portable devices, such as mobile, iPods and consoles.

When you copy a link to the Clipboard, YouTube Downloader HQ Pro automatically captures it with what will only have to press start to start the download. The quality of the video is chosen in the right pane.

The download of the video monitors in a separate window, with a bar of progress and data about the size of the file and the transfer rate.

Apart from these data, the information provided by YouTube Downloader HQ Pro is very low, but its simplicity is also its strength.

  • Save videos in 3GP and MP4 format
  • Automatic capture of Clipboard
  • Very easy to use
  • Only download one file at a time
  • Very little information about the video
  • It has no options

YouTube Downloader HQ Pro screenshots and videos

YouTube Downloader HQ Pro reviews


YT Downloader HQ Pro, a simple program to download YT videos: YouTube Downloader HQ Pro is a very simple program to download videos from websites... well, only on Youtube. It is in Spanish and does not install bars or anything like that. Its interface is only a small window with 3 parts: the first, a bar where to paste the URL of the video; the second, a video quality selector; and the 3rd, a button where press to begin the download. Once you press, get a window to select the directory where to download the video (by default, my documents); a window with the progress of the download... but put & quot; finished & quot;! Although it is at 0% & quot;! The window gives the options of & quot; open & quot; video or & quot; cancel & quot; but it is no good waiting for a good time: shows the file that we expected in my documents... with 0 KB. I.e., it creates the file, but not download it. Also offers the option to convert it, of course, and I not knowing about is quality as not even a second of video you can see. Theoretically can be downloaded in various formats and qualities: low (.flv), telephone (. 3gp), high (. mp4 480 x 360) and high definition (. mp4 1280 x 720). They can nor download several videos at once (the website says that Yes, but I can not paste URLs into the main window or give the button to download while it is open in a video download), or of other Web sites that are not Youtube. the website says that it is portable, but to get the .exe you must install the program and copy the file by hand, and then uninstall. Conclusion: there are other better programs; until not fix (update) this, at least, do not download it.


It will be good but not worth for mobile devices.: Good will and down the videos in high quality, but for what I want to them that they are to put them in the phone, none does not work in the formats that you can download... I guess it will be for the high quality of the video that makes me repruducirlos.


Simple to use, although a bit limited: The program is extremely simple to use, cut and paste the address, and download the YouTube video that you want. Even when you copy an address already you have pasted in the download field, which makes it very easy. However, it has given me several times an error copying to the Clipboard, I think that they could have controlled. In addition, lacks a key feature: the possibility of simultaneous downloads.


Basic, but good program: The program is very simple and only kuenta kon 3 conversion options and only allows you to youtube videos... However it is good and the conversion kalidad is excellent to komparacion, others wherein the video kalidad is affected at the time of the conversion.


Excellent.-: Of course, excellent for those who want practicality, very good, and without complications. The only drawback that has is that it opens a window for each download, but given the practicality of the program, that can be neglected.


YouTube Downloader Pro HQ: It is very good and easy to use no more you copeas and paste and download is the recomindo this program is paratodas the ages if you want to download your favorite video today already you can do it is very practical

[email protected]

More useful do not know another tool to download Youtube HQ: In addition to being simple to very useful, it is even better than the atube catcher, since it allows you more formats to download network. I use both at the same time to get multiple files at the same time. By the way, not try download the YouTube a video that does not have the option to download it in HQ, as if it were, since you will not warn and attempt to download it indefinitely.


Practical: Easy to use and finally functional, this focused download, personally prefer to convert them to audio mostly fast and that I like though several downloads cannot be scheduled and send you error messages in the file format but still is good


Practical: It is very good and easy, for me it is important to not start automatically but that one can decide whether or not to save the video.


It is good: I've tried other programs to download from youtube, but this is very good and easy, just have q cut and paste page and put it in the folder that you want and have it ready there


See if it is a false positive: As standard security scan all programs thoroughly before installation. Leave clear that my intention is to work I leave the report of total virus engine antivirus version last update result A-squared 2009.09.18 - Ahnlab - v3 2009.09.17 - 2009.09.17 Antivir-Antiy avl 2009.09.18 - Authentium 2009.09.18 - Avast 4.8.1351.0 2009.09.17 - 2009.09.17 Avg - Bitdefender 7.2 2009.09.18 - Cat-quickheal 10.00 2009.09.17 - Clamav 0.94.1 2009.09.17 - Comodo 2354 2009.09.18 - Drweb 2009.09.17 - Esafe 2009.09.17 - Etrust-vet 31.6.6744 2009.09.17 - F-prot 2009.09.18 - F-secure 8.0.14470.0 2009.09.18 - Fortinet 2009.09.17 - Gdata 19 2009.09.18 - Ikarus t3. 2009.09.18 - Jiangmin 11.0.800 2009.09.17 - K7antivirus 7.10.847 2009.09.17 - Kaspersky 2009.09.18 - 5744 2009.09.17 Mcafee - Mcafee+artemis 5744 2009.09.17 - Mcafee-gw-editio 2009.09.17 6.8.5 - 2009.09.17 1.5005 Microsoft - 4435 2009.09.17 Nod32 - Norman 6.01.09 2009.09.17 - Nprotect 2009.1.8.0 2009.09.17 - Panda 1 2009.09.17 - Pctools 2009.09.17 - Prevx 3.0 2009.09.18 - Rising 2009.09.18 - Sophos 4.45.0 2009.09.18 - Sunbelt 3.2.1858.2 2009.09.18 - Symantec 2009.09.18 - Thehacker 2009.09.15 & lt; - see trojan/dropper.fraudrop.jl Trendmicro 8.950.0.1094 2009.09.17 - Vba32 2009.09.17 - Virobot 2009.9.18.1942 2009.09.18 - Virusbuster 2009.09.17 - is that a positive 40 doesn't mean much but... a small mistake can cost us much headache and if it is a fake (which is very likely to be) should correct it as promise to come back and leave a comment when you try


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